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Sunday 2 August 2015

Book  Illustrations
MC  Iglesias

Alice And The Pack Of Cards
“The dream-child moving through a land / Of wonders wild and new, / In friendly chat with bird or beast- / And half believe it true.” L. Carroll.

In this new version of Lewis Carroll’s classic story of Alice’s adventures, the illustrator M.C. Iglesias re-interprets the surrealistically dreamy journey fully in color and through her unique style. Some of the major features of this book are, among others: - the complete text of the story, faithful to Lewis Carroll’s original version, including the different poems at the beginning and within the text - 15 unique, full-color illustrations by M.C. Iglesias, representing the main episodes of Alice’s tale, which enrich the experience of reading a classic with a modern and refreshing visualization of the story - a high-quality edition: fully in color, glossy covers, and the format 8.5 x 11 inches for a better appreciation of the artwork.

About the Illustrator M.C. Iglesias (Clara Iglesias-Rondina) is an illustrator, scholar and author. Born in Argentina, she earned her Ph.D. in Italian Studies at Yale University, specializing in medieval and early modern thought. Prior to Yale, she obtained a B.A. and M.A. at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, as well as a B.F.A. at the Art School of Santa Fe, Argentina. She has participated in solo and collective exhibits in Argentina and the U.S., winning several awards for her artworks. In addition, Iglesias has different academic publications on authors such as Dante Alighieri, Jorge Luis Borges, or Niccolò Machiavelli. 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland' is her first completed illustrated book. It is the first volume of a series entitled 'Classic Fairy Tales', in which Iglesias will illustrate with her particular vision diverse classic stories of world literature. Other of her books are: the essay 'Machiavelli and the Jesuits. An Introduction' and its Spanish version, 'Maquiavelo y los Jesuitas. Una introducción.' Her future projects include illustrated books, volumes on Dante Alighieri, and a novel. Additionally, she is the author of all the illustrations that appear on the covers of her books.

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