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Saturday 5 September 2015

Mike's Maze

Mike’s Maze is open Weekends and Holidays, September 12 – November 8, 2015

Aerial photograph of "Alice in Sunderland" corn maze!

Mike’s Maze presents Alice in Sunderland!

150 years ago, Lewis Carroll published his wildly wondrous work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. To commemorate everyone’s favorite Wonderland explorer, we’ve grown Alice to new heights in 8 acres of corn! Just as Alice had to navigate the characters and creatures of Wonderland, maze-goers must navigate the twists and turns of our corn field in Sunderland.

…the more you explore, the curiouser and curiouser things get…

The game challenges Wonderland explorers to assemble their croquet team and flamingo mallets on their way to the Queen’s Croquet Match! Maze-goers must muster their knowledge of Carroll’s classic children’s story to successfully ace acres of trivia and come out with a coveted farm prize! Just try not to lose your head along the way…

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass at Mike’s Maze this fall!

See other details of Mikes Maze in the Alice in Sunderland Blog:

Sunderland, Massachusetts - United States

I would like to thank Virginia, the Agritainment Manager of Warner Farm for kindly allowing details of Mike's Maze to be included in the Alice Blogs

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