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Sunday 13 September 2015

The White Queen Chardonnay

  2012 The White Queen Chardonnay  
  2013 The White Queen Chardonnay  

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Coming Soon - Lucky Virginia

The Wonderland Project was founded by bootlegger and former sommelier, Matt Ahern. After years of selling wine to elite restaurants in the Western US, Ahern realized that there was something missing from most wine lists: a high quality wine made from high quality fruit, with enough refinement for the most discerning palette at an accessible cost. In 2010, unable to find just the right wine to fill this niche, Ahern decided to make it himself. With the help of pedigreed Sonoma grape growers, The White Queen was born. Previously available only at select restaurants, The White Queen is now available to enjoy at home.

I would like to thank Matt for allowing me to include details of The White Queen Chardonnay in the Alice Blogs

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